ISM5 Photo Archive

Video frames from the Opening Ceremony

David Gibson, Prof. Zhang Jianying, Susan Lim and Ding Xuejuan

Yang Tingboa answers questions; Cláudia Santos in the chair

Beers almost all round (Susan Lim, Louis Du Preez and Delane Kritsky)

A few 'biscuits' at coffee-time

A rare view of Lim's liimbs

Kurt Buchmann explains all!

Trip to Foshan

Andy Shinn, Kevein Christison, Walter Boeger, Neeru Agrawal, Delane Kritsky and Tor Bakke

Behiar Jalali and Pavel Gerasev

Dinner on a Pearl River boat

Alexey Ermolenko, Evgenija Dmitrieva and Pavel Gerasev

Adelaiders scewed to one side (Ian Whittington, Lizzie Perkins, Vanessa Glennon, Allan Mooney and Leslie (Aubergine) Chisholm)

Aubergine demos an addiction to water melon

Richard Tinsley advertsies ICOPA

Cláudia Santos makes the case for ISM6 near Rio

The sartorially elegant Milan Gelnar proposes Brno fro ISM6

The Farewell Banquet

Jean-Lou Justine and fans

Jean-Lous Justine, Leslie Chisholm and Ian Whittington

Yang Tingbao is presented a book by Jean-Lous Justine

Serge Morand helps with the entertainment

A Ukraino-Siberian duet from the delegates

Alexey Ermolenko tries to take home a Chinese souvenir

Two Gyros (Andy Shinn and Jaakko Lumme) gyrating

Vanessa Glennon (Australia) accepts first prize for best student oral presentation

...............then celebrates with Thomas Lindenstrøm and Kurt Buchmann

Marcus Domingues (Brazil) is awarded first prize for the best oral presentation by a young researcher

The organiser, Yang Tingbao, relaxes after the meeting

Lots more pictures from Walter Boeger