See below for information on visas.

Your can fly to Guangzhou (Canton) via Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or directly to Guangzhou (Baiyun) airport, for example from Paris via Air France.

After you get to Beijing or Shanghai you have to transfer another plane to Guangzhou. As there are many flights this transfer is easy. However, we advise you to travel directly to Guangzhou or via Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is so close to Guangzhou that you need only 30 minutes extra flying time or 2.30 hours of bus travel. There are many flights between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. If you choose to take bus to Guangzhou, this is a very convenient method of travel. After passing through Chinese immigration/customs, you can book a ticket to Guangzhou. Normally those ticket-agents can speak English. It is advisiable for you to choose a bus with its terminus at the China Hotel (Zhong Guo Da Jiu Dian) [opposite the Chinese Export Commodities Fair Complex - see Map linked below] in Guangzhou. The price of the bus (and trains) from Hong Kong to Guanzhou is about ¥270 ($US 32).

NB. If your plane arrives at Hong Kong airport in the late evening, we strongly recommend that you stay the night in Hong Kong, as there are no trains and buses during the night.

Although the above is the easiest, there are other ways travelling from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. There are trains from Hong Kong from several different stations which go directly to Guangzhou Eastern Railway Station. These run about four times a day in each direction. Ticket prices are similar as those of the buses, but there will be the extra expense of travel from the airport to the city centre or railway station.

There are also high-speed turbo-jet vessels which travel between Hong Kong (Kownong Zhong Gang Dock) and Guangzhou twice each day.

If you have a stop-over in Hong Kong, your hotel they will have details and the latest information. Schedules and prices vary and not currently available, but we may be able to provide more detailed information during July.

After you arrived at Guangzhou, you are advised to take a taxi directly to Zhongshan University using the downloaded instructions [see below]. The conference hotel is the University Hotel (Zijing Yuan).

The price from Guangzhou Airport to Zhongshan University would be about ¥140 (Chinese Yuan) (= $US 17) and from the China Hotel to the University it is about ¥33 ($US 4).

In August the weather in Gaungzhou is hot, with temperature around 36ºC. You will only need light clothes. However, you do not need to worry too much about the heat because all of the accommodation and meeting halls are air conditioned, and frequent short sharp showers are cooling (a folding umbrella is useful). If you plan to travel to other parts of China, you may need more clothes, as areas such as Qinghai and Tibet (Xizhang) may be cool even in summer due to their high altitude.

See Local Maps.        Download Taxi Instructions in Chinese



Visitors to China require a visa. For conferences, a tourist visa is not normally suitable (ask your local Chinese Embassy). There are eight types of visa - the type requred is:

Visa F: Issued to an applicant who is invited to China on a visit, on a study or lecture, business tour, for scientific-technological and cultural exchanges, for short-term refresher course or for job-training, for a period of no more than six months. To apply for a Visa F, the invitation letter from the inviting unit or the visa notification letter/telegram from the authorized unit is required.

In addition to providing the above-mentioned documents, an applicant is also required to answer relevant questions and go through the following formalities (with the exception of those stipulated otherwise by agreements):
Providing valid passport or a travel document in lieu of the passport
Filling out a visa application form, and providing a recent 2-inch, bareheaded and full-faced passport photo.
Paying the visa fee.

Please consult the nearest Chinese visa authorities and/or the embassy web-site.

NB. In some countries (certainly in the UK and USA) there are specialist travel agences dealing with travel within China who, for a small fee, will obtain the visa for you (and provide information and forms from their web-site).

Here is a downloadable document (an official agreement for hosting and organising this International Conference issued by the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province), which may facilitate the process of acquring the necessary visa. However, a formal invitation will likely be required. Such a letter has beensent to each registered participant. If you have not received one, please contact Dr Yang immediately.