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The Natural History Museum, London Search the World's Largest Natural History Library - clickLibrary Catalogue
Search the NHM Host-Parasite Database (helminths)
Molecular Biology of Schistosomes
Deep-sea Fish Parasites
Mange and Myiasis in Livestock
Parasites: Archive of talks
The Virtual Library: Bio Sciences
Cordis - EC Funding Database
Sunet Animal PhotosHosts!

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Alta Vista
World Taxonomist Data-base

Main Parasitology Resources Compilations

The American Society of Parasitologists
Hardin Meta Directory - Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Links of Interest in Parasitology, Illinois State Academy of Science
Metin Korkmaz - Parasitology Resources
Open Directory: Parasites
Parasitic Diseases - Karolinska Institute
Parasite World
Parasitology Resources (Hellenic Association of Dermatology And Venereology)
The WWW Virtual Library: Plant Parasitic Nematodes
Russian Parasitology Links
Sites Externes en Rapport avec la Recherche au Laboratoire de Biologie Parasitaire, Protistologie, Helminthologie, MNHNIn French
Yahoo: Parasitology

General Parasitology

Introduction to Parasitology
The Med Page: ParasitologiaPortuguese
Parasiticides - the Anthelmintics
Checklist of the Metazoa
Eco-ethoparasitology - Eko-etoparasitologická pracovní skupina(In Czech)
Lectins of helminths
Helminth Parasite Spectrum In North-East India
Healthopedia: Infections (Infectious Diseases)
Para-Site OnlinePublic source of information on Medical Parasitology
Marine Parasitology in Chile
Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Research Network for Parasitology
Molecular Systematics and Evolution
Integrated Pest Management Resource Centre
Parasite Proteomics
Search the US National Parasite Collection
Collection Search - Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology
Catalogue of Type Specimens of Parasitic Helminths Preserved in Meguro Parasitological Museum
Checklist of the Italian Fauna On-line See helminth groups under Invertebrates
Parasites, parasites and more parasites from Japan
Homepage of Parasites Under construction
Parasite of the Month
The Parasite Database (D. Brooks)
Parasite Genome Database
Parasite Genome Archives
Quantitative Parasitology 3.0 Free downloadable software which provides statistically correct ways to describe parasitic infections
Phylum Platyhelminthes
Mikko's Phylogeny Archive Main Groups of Organisms: PlatyhelmithesTake care - out of date!
Virginia Cooperative Extension: Pest Management GuidesPDF files
A bibliography on ultrastructure of spermatoza of parasitic Platyhelminthes [Justine]
Worm Systematics Resource Network (WSRN)
Zoonoses (Daniel Shapiro)Large Resource
Zoonoses - Endo- and Ecto-parasites (Clive Bennett)
Zoonotic Diseases - UCSB Office of Research