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Fish/Shellfish Diseases

  Diseases of crabs
Blue Crab Diseases: "Pepper Spot" Disease
Aquatic Diseases, University of Stirling
General fish parasitologyPDF
Fish Parasitology; Veterinary Medical Research Institute, Budapest
Bunkley-Williams, L. & Williams, E.H. Jr. 1994. Parasites of Puerto Rican Freshwater Sport FishesFree - online book
J. Richard Arthur & Abu Tweb A. Ahmed - Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of BangladeshFree - online monograph
Aquatic Vaccines, University of Stirling
Fishing for Information: Aquatic Science Resource Guide
The Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center Home Page
Dr Pez - Diseases of Aquarium Fishes (in Spanish)
Aquatic Disease: A Veterinary Medical PrimerIncomplete
Fish Disease Movies
Deep-sea fish parasites
The Diseases and Parasites of Food Fish from the Atlantic Ocean
Parasites, infections and diseases of fishes in Africa: An update
Common Fish Diseases
Sustainable Control of Fish Diseases in Aquaculture
A systematic survey of the metazoan parasites of elasmobranchs from the Sea of Cortez
Diseases of Farmed Goldfish and Koi
How to Submit Shellfish and Crustaceans for Disease Diagnosis
How to Submit Fish for Disease Diagnosis
Synopsis of Infectious Diseases and Parasites of Commercially Exploited Shellfish
Protocols for Measuring Biodiversity: Parasites of Fishes in Fresh Water
Introduction to Freshwater Fish ParasitesPDF
Common Freshwater Fish Parasites series: pictoral guidesPDFs
Biodiversité des parasites de poissonsShort film in French featuring J.-L. Justine
Non-Indigenous Species in the Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem
Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (White Spot) Infections in Fish PDF
Fish Disease Diagnosis
Government of Japan Fish Disease Control Project
Seafood Safety
Introduction to Viral Diseases of Fish

Animal Parasites/Diseases

NHM Host-Parasite Database (helminths)
The RVC/FAO Guide to Veterinary Diagnostic Parasitology
Digenean parasites of jellyfish and ctenophores
Parasitic Worms of Insects
Wildlife Information Network (Wildpro) Contains disease information for different groups of animals
Wildlife Information Network (Wildpro) List of Parasitic Diseases
Bibliography of Parasites and Vertebrate Hosts in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas (1893 - 1984): LF Mayberry, AG Canaris, JR Bristol & SL GardnerPDF file
Bibliography of Helminth Species Described from African Vertebrates 1800-1967 by Canaris & GardnerPDF file. Warning: Full of errors.
Amphibian Diseases Home Page
Parasites of Australian turtles
USGS-National Wildlife Health Center: Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases: General Field Procedures and Diseases of Birds Chapters available in PDF format
An Overview of Avian Pathology
Common Bird Parasites: Treatment and Prevention
Common External Parasites in Poultry: Lice and Mites
Parasite Biology and Epidemiology Laboratory, Livestock and Poultry Sciences Institute, USDA
Bird Schistosomes
Global Mammal Parasite DatabaseMay not work with older browsers
Parasites of the Pets and Domestictaed Mammals
Pet Health
Epizootic in sea-otters (anisakid nematodes)
Parasites in Rabbits
Parasites and Parasitic Diseases of Domestic Animals (On-Line Book)
Distribution and impact of helminth diseases of livestock in developing countriesOn-line monograph
Diseases of Sheep
Diseases and Pests of Sheep
Management and diseases of weaner sheep
Parasites of Swine
Controlling Parasites of Horses
Parasites of HorsesIn Spanish
Veterinary Parasites
Veterinary Ectoparasites Links
Veterinary Endoparasite Links

Human Parasites/Diseases

Anisakiasis (Hawaii Department of Health)
The "Bad Bug Book" Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins Handbook (U.S. Food & Drug Administration)
The Carter Center: Health Programs
WHO Informal Working Groups on Echinococcosis (Echinonet)
Delusional Parasitosis
Neurocutaneous Syndrome
Fish Disease and Human Health
Parasites in Food
General Parasitology - Cambridge University
Healthopedia: Infections (Infectious Diseases)
Human lice
CDC DPDx: Parasites and Health: Parasites on Other Sites
Medical EcologyTrichinella and Malaria
Medical Ectoparasite Links
Medical Endoparasite Links
Herbal Remedies
Para-Site OnlinePublic source of information on Medical Parasitology
Resources for Parasitic Diseases
Parasitic Infections Info (Protozoa)
Infectious cases of the month
Diagnosing Medical Parasites Through Coprological Techniques
La Maladie du Sommeil (Sleeping Sickness) Major resource on Trypanosomiasis (in French)
Seafood Safety
National Unidentified Skin Parasite Association
Swimmer's itch
Tropical Diseases Ring HomePage