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The usefulness of these varies. Some journals give little more than subscription information. Many, however, give Tables of Contents (TOCs) for recent issues, and some permit downloading of abstracts. Some journals are On-Line (OL) and permit the text of entire articles to be downloaded.

Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria TOC,Abstr
Acta Parasitologica TOC, Abstr Online since 2006 from Springer
Acta TropicaTOC, Abstr. OL
Agricultural Research Magazine TOC,OL
AMEDEO: The Medical Literature Guide - Parasitic DiseasesTOC, Abstr. For numerous journals, free service, can be e-mailed to you
AMEDEO: MalariaTOC, Abstr. For relevant journals, free service, can be e-mailed to you
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and HygieneTOC
Annals of Tropical Medicine and ParasitologyTOC, OL
The Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute (Bangkok) Newsletter
Avain DiseasesTOC, Abstr, OL
Avain PathologyTOC, Abstr, OL
Boletín Chileno de Parasitología TOC, OLTo become: Parasitología Latinoamericana
The Bulletin of the Scandinavian Society for Parasitology
Comparative ParasitologyTOC Formerly Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms TOC
Ecologiya MoryaTOC, OL
Elsevier Parasitology Journals
European Journal of Epidemiology
Experimental Parasitology TOC, OL
Experimental Pathology and Parasitology TOC, OLFree PDFs 1998-2001
Filaria JournalTOC, OLNow: Parasites & Vectors
Folia ParasitologicaTOC, Abstr.
HelminthologiaTOC, Abstr. Online since 2006 from Springer
Helminthological Abstracts
Infection, Genetics and Evolution OL
International Ichthyoparasitological Newsletter
International Journal of Pest ManagementTOC, OL
Invertebrate Systematics TOC, OL
Iranian Journal of ParasitologyTOC, OL
The Journal of Agricultural Research (1913-1949)TOC, OL
International Journal for ParasitologyTOC, Abstr., OL (Free PDF files of thematic issues, e.g. Parasite Genomes) Alt. TOC; OL free to subscribers from Science Direct; OL
Journal of the Egyptian German Society of Zoology: Invertebrate Zoology & Parasitology
Journal of Fish DiseasesTOC
Journal of Helminthology TOC,OLOn-line access
Journal of the Helminthological Society of WashingtonTOCNow Comparative Parasitology
Journal of Natural HistoryTOC, OL
Journal of NematologyTOC
Journal of Parasitic DiseasesTOCTOC of latest issue only
Journal of Parasitology      Alternative site TOC, OL Partial archive
Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology OL
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine TOC, Abstr.
Kinetoplastid Biology and DiseaseTOC, OLNow: Parasites & Vectors
The Korean Journal of Parasitology
Malaria and Infectious Diseases in AfricaTOC, OLOn-line journal
Malaria Journal OLOn-line journal
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz TOC, OLOL free Alternative site; Free Archive (1909-1995)
Molecular and Biochemical ParasitologyTOC, OL OL
Molecular MicrobiologyTOC
Nematologia MediterraneaTOC
Nematology NewsletterOL
Nematological Abstracts
NematologyTOC, OL
Nematology Journal Collection
Newsletter. Nematode Genomics in EdinburghPDF file
The Open Parasitology JournalTOC, OLOpen access
Parasite ImmunologyTOC Alt. TOC
Parasites & VectorsTOC, OLPreviously: Kinetoplastid Biology and Disease and Filaria Journal
Parasitologia al Dia TOC, OL Now: Parasitología Latinoamericana
Parasitologia Latinoamericana TOC, OL
Parasitology TOC, OLOL free to subscribers
Alt. TOC
Parasitololgy OnlineOLThe following on-line: Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, Acta Tropica, International Journal for Parasitology, Parasitology International, Veterinary Parasitology, Trends in Parasitology
Parasitology InternationalTOC, Abstr, OL [Formerly Japanese Journal of Parasitology]
Parasitology Research TOC, OL Alt. OL
Parassitologia   -   Parassitologia Online
Parasitology Today [Now:Trends in Parasitology]; OL
ParazitologiyaTOC, Abstr.
Progress of Medical Parasitology in Japan See also
Protist TOC[Formerly Archiv für Protistenkunde]
Protozoological Abstracts
Research and Reviews in ParasitologyGuidelines only
Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia VeterináriaTOC, OLBrazilian Journal of Veterinary Parasitology
Russian Journal of NematologyTOC
Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public HealthTOC, OL
Systematic Parasitology TOC, OL
Transactions of the Royal Society for Tropical Medicine & HygieneTOC
Trends in Parasitology [ Fomerly Parasitology Today], OL
Tropical Diseases Bulletin
Türkiye Parazitoloji Dergisi
TrypnewsTOC, OL
Vestnik ZoologiiTOC, AbstrTOC, Abstr
Veterinary Parasitology TOCAlt TOC; OL
ZoosystemaTOC TOC in English and French
Books, Journals and Other Sources of Information in Nematology
Electronic Journals in Biology
Electronic Sites of Microbiology Journals
Genamics JournalSeek Large Resource: Journals, Impact factors, Links to TOCs, etc.


Books/CD ROMs

Omar O. Barriga "The Parasitic Diseases of Domestic Animals in Latin América." In Spanish
Bunkley-Williams, L. & Williams, E.H. Jr. 1994. Parasites of Puerto Rican Freshwater Sport FishesFree - online.
William T Close "EBOLA"
Despommier, Gwadz, Hotez & Knirsch "Parasitic Diseases (4th Edition)."
A. Gaevskaya & A. Kovaljova "The Diseases and Parasites of Food Fish from the Atlantic Ocean." In Russian
K.V. Galaktionov and A.A. Dobrovolskij "The Origin and Evolution of the Trematode Life Cycle."In Russian
K.V. Galaktionov and A.A. Dobrovolskij "The Biology and Evolution of Trematodes. An Essay on the Biology, Morphology, Life Cycles, Transmissions, and Evolution of Digenetic Trematodes."
D.I. Gibson "Guide to the parasites of fishes of Canada: Trematoda"
D.I. Gibson, A. Jones & R.A. Bray (Eds) "Keys to the Trematoda. Vol. 1"
A. Jones, R.A. Bray & D.I. Gibson (Eds) "Keys to the Trematoda. Vol. 2"
R.A. Bray, D.I. Gibson & A. Jones (Eds) "Keys to the Trematoda. Vol. 3"
USGS-National Wildlife Health Center: Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases: General Field Procedures and Diseases of Birds Chapters available in PDF format
Parasites of Fishes in the Canadian Waters of the Great Lakes, Edited By Stephen J. Nepszy Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Lake Erie Fisheries Research Station:TECHNICAL REPORT No. 51 Great Lakes Fishery.PDF file
S. Straka, P. Dubinský & T. Baska "A Handbook of Ovoscopic Diagnosis of Intestinal Helminths"
Dictionary of Infectious Diseases (CD-ROM)
John T. Sullivan "A color atlas of parasitology"
Colin Johnstone "Parasites and Parasitic Diseases of Domestic Animals" (On-Line Book)
I. Paperna - Parasites, infections and diseases of fishes in Africa: An update
Topley & Wilson's Microbiology & Microbial Infections (includes Parasitology)
Patrick Woo (Ed.) "Fish diseases and disorders". Vols I-III.
Synopsis of Infectious Diseases and Parasites of Commercially Exploited Shellfish
Plates from Ancient Parasitology Books
Veterinary Books from Elsevier Health