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Lectures & Courses

Course: Évolution des parasites et des relations hôtes-parasite - Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, ParisIncludes slides and documents
Parasitology Course, Aberystwyth University Includes quiz
Human Parasitology Course Syllabus, Kansas State University
Ferris State University: Medical Parasitology CourseIncludes graphics, life-cycles, etc.
Molecular Systematics and EvolutionIncludes 300+ graphics. Alternative site.
Veterinary Parasitology Lab. Demo.; PENN VET Computer-Aided Learning
Online Instruction, Parasitology Identification Tutorial, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University
Un Questionnaire sur l'Identification des Parasites (Lille)
Parasitology Online: Michigan State University
Cours de Parasitologie médicale, Lille
Cours sur les médicaments antiparasitaires, Lille
Principles of Parasitism, Universities of Alberta & Calgary
Teaching charts of Rudolph Leuckart (1822-1898)
West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic, British Columbia
The Gorgas Course in Clinical Tropical Medicine (Peru)
Clinical Tropical Medicine Expeditions to East Africa
Schistosomiasis - 12 interactive tutorials